Small grants up to £7,500

This is a single form designed to be easily completed even if an organization has little or no experience of applying for a grant.
Please complete sections A-L and upload any supporting documents at section M.
(Please note that it may take a time for your documents to upload.)
Please note that when you are completing your application you will be able to return to it if you need to log out at any point but once you submit the form you cannot go back into the application.
Once submitted to us a copy of your application will be emailed to you by return.
If you do have any problems completing the form please contact the Trust office before you submit your application so that we can give advice.

Large grants above £7500

The Trust has extended the acceptance of two year main grant applications to December 2018.

If you intend applying for a 2 year grant please submit your stage 1 applications by the 18th June or 3rd September deadlines.

Only 1 year main grant applications will be accepted from the last 3 deadline dates

  • 5 November 2018,
  • 7 January 2019
  • 25 February 2019.

There is a two stage process for main grant applications for sums over £7,500. Most funding requests will require a Stage 1 application.

Applications are considered by the Main Grants Sub Committee and the Board of Trustees.
If your project has a reasonable chance of being funded, based on your Stage 1 submission, you will be invited to submit a Stage 2 application for a main grant which will call for much more detail about the project including detailed costings. Often at Stage 2 we specify additional information that we would need in order to be able to consider a grant.
We strongly advise you to ring us to discuss your Stage 1 application before you submit it. We are always pleased to answer your queries before you complete the form and to give advice on the application procedure. Giving us a call to discuss an application could save you a lot of time and effort and help improve your chances of making a successful application.
When completing the forms please make sure you have read our guidelines for funding on this website and also any notes accompanying the form as these will certainly save you time. Please also feel free to ring the Hillingdon Community Trust office with any queries.
Please note when you are completing your application you will be able to return to it if you need to log out at any point but once you submit the form you cannot go back into the application.
When you have completed sections A-E, please read section F which sets out the information that we will need in the stage one application. Please upload a description of your project in either Microsoft Word or PDF Format with a maximum 2 sides of A4 in at least 11pt font.
Please note that,
If the Hillingdon Community Trust agrees to make a grant, this will be used exclusively for the purposes described in your application. 
You agree that as a necessary part of the application process, Hillingdon Community Trust will be collecting information about your organisation, including personal data.  Hillingdon Community Trust obtains such information as part of the process of assessing grants and for monitoring the use of those grants and to guard against fraud.  
From time to time the Trust will share the information with other grant providers, trusts, statutory bodies and external auditors and other suppliers.  In usual circumstances your records will be kept for 10 years.  
You agree that by completing the application declaration you give your explicit consent to Hillingdon Community Trust to use the data as outlined above.