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Minet Country Park is situated on the edge of the Trust area, near the Parkway in Hayes. The country park is a mosaic of habitats, connected by a network of hedges, waterways and grassland corridors, home to numerous species of wild plants, birds, insects and other creatures.

Since June 2012, a Community Events Co-ordinator, funded by Hillingdon Community Trust and employed by A Rocha, has been in place at Minet Country Park to provide events and activities for residents, and interact with park visitors. Events have included a ‘wild food weekend’, faith and climate change workshop, weekly healthy walks, community clean up days and coffee mornings.

A grant of £52,000 over 2 years means that every primary school child in the Trust area can take part in an environmental teaching programme based upon the West London Floating Classroom, a specially adapted wide beamed canal boat. Feedback and evaluation of the project has been excellent and it is a popular out of school classroom with primary school children - and teachers - across our area.

A £35,000 grant from the Trust enabled it to create a doorstep walking route for local people, linking communities in and around Harlington. It has made an all-weather popular local walking route accessible to buggies and wheelchairs as well as walkers and cyclists. The increases level of use has improved the perception of personal safety which has in turn encouraged more and wider use of the route which at one time was previously overgrown, subject to fly-tipping and joy-riding and other anti-social behaviour which deterred legitimate users.

Brings people with disabilities and special needs into contact with animals and the pleasures of gardening. Activities allow users to develop skills, gain confidence through work experience and informal training and to achieve a strong sense of personal achievement. A £7,500 grant from Hillingdon Community Trust supported horse riding for people with disabilities or special needs.

Grants of £150,000 in 2 years for a new Advice Lifeline Service to help the CAB deal effectively with clients' problems arising as a result of the economic recession. During the first year of funding, there were 1,045 client and CAB dealt with 2,450 enquiry issues. Welfare benefits, tax credits and debt were the main areas of advice.

The Trust has given a grant of £12,050 over 3 years for ‘Environmental Encounters’ - a series of curriculum based outdoors activities for children in the Trust area based at Minet Country Park. This means children are enjoying places in their local area where they can experience nature close to home.

“I have been to Minet Country Park before, but I have not been pond dipping or grass sweeping. My favourite part was pond dipping because I saw a little, little fish.”


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