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Small grants up to £7,500

This is a single form designed to be easily completed even if an organization has little or no experience of applying for a grant. 
Please complete sections A-L and upload any supporting documents at section M. 
(Please note that it may take a time for your documents to upload.) 
Please note that when you are completing your application you will be able to return to it if you need to log out at any point but once you submit the form you cannot go back into the application. 
Once submitted to us a copy of your application will be emailed to you by return. 
If you do have any problems completing the form please contact the Trust office before you submit your application so that we can give advice. 
Giving us a call to discuss an application could save you a lot of time and effort. 
Tel: 020 8581 1676

Large grants above £7500

Please note that the Trust will receive its last donation from Heathrow Airport Ltd this April therefore from April 2017- 31 March 2018 the maximum main grant you can apply for is 2 years and then from April 2018 – 31 March 2019 only 1 year main grant applications will be accepted.

There is a two stage process for main grant applications for sums over £7,500. Most funding requests will require a Stage 1 application. 
Applications are considered by the Main Grants Sub Committee and the Board of Trustees. 
If your project has a reasonable chance of being funded, based on your Stage 1 submission, you will be invited to submit a Stage 2 application for a main grant which will call for much more detail about the project including detailed costings. Often at Stage 2 we specify additional information that we would need in order to be able to consider a grant. 
We strongly advise you to ring us to discuss your Stage 1 application before you submit it. We are always pleased to answer your queries before you complete the form and to give advice on the application procedure. Giving us a call to discuss an application could save you a lot of time and effort and help improve your chances of making a successful application.
When completing the forms please make sure you have read our guidelines for funding on this website and also any notes accompanying the form as these will certainly save you time. Please also feel free to ring the Hillingdon Community Trust office with any queries.
Please note when you are completing your application you will be able to return to it if you need to log out at any point but once you submit the form you cannot go back into the application. 
Once submitted to us a copy of your application will be emailed to you by return. 
When you have completed sections A-E, please read section F which sets out the information that we will need in the stage one application. Please upload a description of your project in either Microsoft Word or PDF Format with a maximum 2 sides of A4 in at least 11pt font.
Please note that,
If the Hillingdon Community Trust agrees to make a grant, this will be used exclusively for the purposes described in your application. 
You agree that as a necessary part of the application process, Hillingdon Community Trust will be collecting information about your organisation, including personal data.  Hillingdon Community Trust obtains such information as part of the process of assessing grants and for monitoring the use of those grants and to guard against fraud.  
From time to time the Trust will share the information with other grant providers, trusts, statutory bodies and external auditors and other suppliers.  In usual circumstances your records will be kept for 10 years.  
You agree that by completing the application declaration you give your explicit consent to Hillingdon Community Trust to use the data as outlined above.

Hillingdon Community Trust distributes around £1m, contributed by Heathrow Airport Limited, in grants to voluntary and community groups in the wards of Botwell, Pinkwell, Townfield, Heathrow Villages, Yiewsley and West Drayton. 

We are seeking new Trustees to join the current board in February next year when current terms of office come to an end. This is an exciting voluntary opportunity if you are strongly committed to positive change for local communities.

To be a Trustee you will need to be impartial, independent, and have good judgement and common sense. You must also be able to devote time to the Trust, to contribute effectively at meetings of the Board, and to accept the legal responsibilities of trusteeship. The trust is a company limited by guarantee, so in serving as a trustee you will also become a Director of the company. We would expect you to have some connection with the Trust area in the south of Hillingdon.

So that the Board reflects its area of benefit, the Trust is keen to attract Trustees from across the diverse communities that make up the population of the south of Hillingdon and also to attract more young people (although you must be over 18).

Trustees are not remunerated but we do reimburse expenses.

Download Trustee job description

Download Trustee application form

Hillingdon Community Trust is your local grant-making trust funding voluntary and community projects and activities in the Hillingdon wards of Botwell, Pinkwell, Townfield, Yiewsley, West Drayton and Heathrow Villages.

The Trust was established in 2003 and is a registered charity.  Our main funding comes from Heathrow Airport Ltd which agreed, when permission was given for the building of Terminal 5, to provide £1m a year for 15 years to benefit the local community.  The Trust was created to ensure that this sum was used effectively and to gain maximum impact for the community.  At the end of our 14th  year of operation, the Trust has approved grants of over £12m and so has made a major contribution to supporting the community. 

The Trust’s area of benefit is defined in the deed of gift as the area shown on this map. Organisations applying do not necessarily have to be based in this area but the Trust is only able to fund projects that will benefit residents of the six wards shown.

You can access the postcodes covered by the Trust area by clicking here.

Acknowledging your Grant

Information about Hillingdon Community Trust (for use in press releases etc.)

Hillingdon Community trust is an independent grant making trust. It supports projects in the six southern wards of Hillingdon; Botwell, Heathrow Villages, Pinkwell, Townfield, Yiewsley and West Drayton and currently receives all of its funding from Heathrow Airport Limited.

You should acknowledge the trust’s support and Heathrow's funding in all publicity surrounding the project, this is a condition of your grant.

The Hillingdon Community Trust and Funded by Heathrow logo, shown below, must both be included in any publicity materials produced as a result of the project. This includes signage, interpretation and information that you produce.

For posts funded by the trust

Both logos should be shown in the signature of emails and on any letters or printed materials relating to the post.

Press releases

In any press release you must:

  • indicate what the Trust is supporting and.
  • acknowledge the project as having been “supported by the Hillingdon Community Trust funded by Heathrow”.

Download Hillingdon Community Trust logo – JPG
Download Hillingdon Community Trust logo – EPS (for print)


Download Funded by Heathrow logo – JPG
Download Funded by Heathrow logo – EPS (for print)

Being able to evidence the impact of your project is increasingly important to funders and commissioners. Impact is how effectively your project met the outcomes you originally set out to achieve.

For some projects the outputs and outcomes are easier to measure. The completion of capital works to buildings can be evidenced by the works being signed off by an architect or surveyor and by before and photographs of the area improved. You could also tell us about the additional use that the works have enabled.

Projects that aim to improve the wellbeing of individuals or a community can be more challenging to monitor and evidence. Some tips for doing so are;

  • Plan how you will monitor and assess your project from the start and set up systems for gathering and recording information before the project starts.
  • Test the methods you propose to use e.g. ask someone to complete any questionnaires you plan to use, to ensure they are clear and unambiguous and will be easy to collect and collate. Set up your methods for collating and reporting responses at the start.
  • Measure the difference made, or journey travelled by the people or community you are working with; this is likely to involve gathering information from proposed beneficiaries at the start of your project and then at intervals after the project has started. Depending on the nature of the difference you are seeking to bring about it may be appropriate to gather follow up information part way through the project or at the end or a few months after the project finishes. You will know which will provide the most meaningful information. The key thing is to have information from beneficiaries before and after your project, so you can see the difference it has made.

Sample reports:

The following reports are good examples of well planned and managed projects:

A Rocha report - click here to view the PDF

Green Corridor report - click here to view the PDF

West London Bangladeshi Association - click here to view the PDF

These funders support projects in this area, you may wish to apply to them if you need additional funds for your project or need funds for other work you are undertaking. Please read the guidelines carefully to ensure your project is eligible for each particular funder. Please note there may be other funders in addition to these which might support your project.

We want to make information available to groups that will help them; plan, deliver and monitor their projects. If you have a policy document or piece of research that you think would be useful to other groups, please send it to us and we will include it in this section.

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